How to Wear the Patches Trend

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Patches are everywhere!

It is clear that the patches trend is one of the most seen trend nowadays; from jackets to purses and shoes, is a trend that has impacted the fashion world. And that is why I come today to give you a simple way in how to wear it. 

I believe the patches are fun and it gives a little extra style to the outfit.

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Back to school Series: Sporty

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School vibes are here!

Hey guys! so I am keeping the back to school theme for the blog. this time I bring to you a great idea for wearing a skirt to class. It is very comfortable and also feminine to give your looks an extra touch of coolness. I wanted to wear converse since they are perfect for the long walks at school. Also, do not forget the hat! that is great to hide crazy hair days but also it is very convenient to wear it when you want to add an sporty vibe to an already feminine look.

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Back to School Series: Ripped Jeans

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No way, school time is here!

I am back to school and I thought, what better way to motivate myself than doing a post about it? Well, let me tell you about how it’s going so far. First, I am glad to say this is my last semester in the community college (hopefully I can transfer next semester) however, I am taking my least favorite classes. 2 math classes and a geology one,

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My Cup of Coffee

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Yes! Coffee!

Indeed, sometimes we need a cup of coffee to start our day. For me, it helps me get focus, I love the flavor and also it sets a great mood to start my days right. In this occasion I went to “cafe de los muertos” here in downtown Raleigh. This is one of the places I love the most for coffee since its strong and also the atmosphere in this place is amazing!

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The Denim Jacket

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Hello , hello around here ! My post today I dedicate it to those people who at some point decided to give up on a goal or a dream they had. I want to dedicate it to those who ever felt discouraged and probably questioned themselves. I would say that everyone at some point felt this way. Well today this post is for you.
I think everyone needs inspiration or perhaps encouragement to follow a goal.

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I won't grow up, downtown raleigh ana faneite the fashion streets

I won’t grow up

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“I won’t grow up. In me is the little child of my early days”

yes, this is my inspiration for today’s post. “The Worlds of M. C. Escher” is an exhibition in Downtown Raleigh painted by David Eichenberge. There are several paintings, but the one I like the most is this one right here. The mural represents what I believe should be a life rule that we all have to live by. Tell yourself “I won’t grow up” in all of us there’s a child,

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