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What to do in Hawaii

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Hawaii, yes! I indeed said Hawaii. What once was a dream, a couple of weeks ago. I present to you, my experience going to Hawaii. It was short but worth it!

So…I decided to go to Hawaii for spring break. I always wanted to go, and one of the goals I had for this year was going there. Of course, I had to go with my brother; I could have chosen a better partner to travel with.

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Day Trip to Washington DC

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Hello, my dears!
So, Sunday I decided to go on a road trip with my friends to
DC, of course, I had to show you so I made them take some pictures for me. Even
though it was so cold and I didn’t take that many pictures I wanted to share them with you guys. This was a day trip so we walked a lot! My advice to you is that
if you want to go to DC and go see the monuments and museums,

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Back to Business and I’m in Barcelona!

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 YES! That’s right; I’m back to business
after millions of years of disappearance. There is not an exact reason why I have
been away, there is many. First of all, I thought that getting my life together
was going to be much easier, but apparently, it takes a lot of time and
dedication (obviously). I have had other job changes since I got the first one,
and also,

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Ana Faneite Miami art district wynwood

Miami Trip, Wynwood: Art District.

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Once again, on a little and quick trip to Miami, I had the
chance to take some pictures, this time at a creative neighborhood called
“Wynwood”. From the moment I got there I felt inspired by the awesome paintings
on the walls, so many different styles and colors. I felt that place had no
judgment for no one’s point of view of art, which I found very interesting, Art
can be expressed in so many ways,

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Ana Faneite New York City

My Trip to New York City

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Hey! Today I have something excited to share with you, I went
to New York and I had the chance to take me some pictures of the outfit I was
wearing that day. The weather was great, so my shorts and sneakers were perfect
for the occasion, ideal to walk a lot as I did.
Apart from that, I wore a white crop top with Batman’s logo
on it, which is my favorite superhero.

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