What to do in Hawaii

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Hawaii, yes! I indeed said Hawaii. What once was a dream, a couple of weeks ago. I present to you, my experience going to Hawaii. It was short but worth it!

So…I decided to go to Hawaii for spring break. I always wanted to go, and one of the goals I had for this year was going there. Of course, I had to go with my brother; I could have chosen a better partner to travel with. Since I live in North Carolina it was a long trip, we went from here to Dallas and then from there to Honolulu. First, have in mind that timing is different! I was super tired that day but at the same time so excited that it didn’t matter, at least during the first day. We stayed at a little hotel that was around one block from Waikiki beach, which was perfect. Also, there are several restaurants near the hotel, so for this girl that likes to eat that was a plus.

I am going to break it down to you so, if you ever decide to go to Hawaii you know where to go (at least where to eat).

Places we went to eat:

  1. A first option is a place that we found by walking around. We wanted to try something new but there wasn’t much to choose from, most of the places where really similar. After a while, we found a huge line at this place called: “Marukame Udon” it is a Japanese noodle restaurant. For me, it was the first time going, but for the short period of time we where in Hawaii we went twice! that’s how much we liked it. It is not that big of a place but it’s fast-paced, so even if you are at the end of the line it’s not going to take you all day to get in. Even if so, it is so worth it! marukame udon hawaii ana faneite marukame udon hawaii ana faneite
  2. Helena’s Hawaiian food, this is a great place to get a taste of Hawaii. You have to keep in mind that there is no much parking space, but the food is great. The atmosphere of the place is very family oriented and as well as the first place I mentioned it is small. People, there are really friendly and make you feel like home. Here I found some familiar tastes in food that I’ve tried before, especially a coconut flan that tasted just like a Venezuelan dessert called “majarete.” It is so interesting how so far away from my hometown and just one flavor can bring me back to those days when I was with my mom. IMG_6143 IMG_6144 helena's hawaiian food ana faneite
  3. Eggs and things: perfect for breakfast. If you go early you can seat in some tables where you can see Waikiki beach (since this restaurant is right in front of the beach). Food is great and like we did in the first one, we decided to eat here because there was a lot of people waiting in line, so we figured it must be good. eggs and things hawaii


Hawaii’s great places:

hawaii ana faneiteana faneitehawaii ana faneite

Do not forget to SURF!surf ana faneiteDSC_1106rDSC_1145rDSC_1104rDSC_1099rDSC_1037rDSC_1025rDSC_1061rDSC_1080rDSC_1048rhawaii ana faneiteDSC_0968r DSC_0973r

About the looks: 

In these pictures, I am showing you two outfits. the First one, is a romper from Agaci that I am in love with. I think it’s perfect in every sense. comfortable, light and ideal for the spring and summer time. It has a V neck and the back is open. The shoes are also my current obsession, they are also from Agaci. I have to tell myself not to wear them so often because since I bought them I’ve been wearing them a lot!

The second outfit is a blouse from Forever 21. it has a deep V neck and also an open back. I decided to wear it with my bathing suit underneath since I was planning to go to the beach that day. The shoes are also from forever 21, but I have a little story for them. I was wearing some sneakers because we were going to walk long distances that day and I wanted to be prepared. I also brought this pair of shoes with me because I wanted to look cute. For my luck, I didn’t wear them for 10 minutes and my feet starting hurting like there was no tomorrow. well, it turns out, they made me some blisters!! horrible ones, I limited myself not to post the picture because I don’t want to scare you, but it was horrible. So, be careful! if you buy them, make sure to wear them in your house so you know they are comfortable and good to go. I do not know what is happening with me and shoes, apparently, I haven’t learned my lesson about trying them on at home first. I promise I’ll learn!

Overall, Hawaii was a great experience. Even though I wish I had more time, it was a goal met for this year. So, from my experience, it is never too late to make your dreams come true! so keep dreaming, but do not forget to wake up and work hard to make them come true!


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