My experience skydiving at the triangle skydiving center

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Skydiving? Am I crazy?

The answer is YES! I am crazy for new experiences! I have been wanting to go skydiving for the longest time. But there was always something that limited me from doing it. I would think about how much would it cost me, the time I had to have to do it and I ended up thinking too much with no action. I have to admit I am a little bit of an overthinker.

But finally I did it and with no doubt, it was the best experience I’ve ever had. So I started thinking about how many times I limit myself… there are so many experiences, places and things to do in life. While I am over here thinking, there are people that are focused on their happiness and they go get it!

I am here today to tell you, GO GET IT. whatever it is you have in mind, go do it! life is too short to be sitting waiting for happiness to come to you. And I know you have heard that before, but once I finally crossed skydiving out of my bucket list I realized that the time is now.

But now I am going to talk to you about my experience at the triangle skydiving center. The staff is great! my videographer and my instructor were amazing and they made the whole experience fun. The only complaint I have is the waiting time. You have to dedicate an entire day for this adventure. The email said that you have to allow 3 hours for the experience but, in my case, it was about 5 hours. There is a lot of wait time from the moment you check-in to the actual jump. However, I am so pleased and happy I did it. I honestly think I will do it again!

If you live the in NC area, they are located in Louisburg. I will tag their webpage and all the info. I also found a great deal for you. There is a Groupon for it and right now Groupon is having a 25% off in “things to do.” To top that off, as of today, Ebates is having an 8% cash back in Groupon. So you will definitely have a great deal!!

Groupon for skydiving: Triangle Skydiving center 

Ebates website: get 8% cash back

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