This is Why I Love TJMaxx Shoes

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Who doesn’t love TJMaxx?

I have always been a fan of TJMaxx. What I love the most is the fact that you can find popular designer brands at a much cheaper price. Of course, being a fashion blogger inspires me to be on the lookout for deals! In this case, I found some amazing deals at TJMaxx. I ended up buying so many shoes for me and my mom. But guess what? my shoes we around $12 each!!

So I definitely advise you to shop at TJMaxx. the quality is great and you can’t beat the price. In the pictures, I’ll show you the shoes I got and how much they cost me.

The first pictures are with white sneakers with a green detail in the back. They are similar to the Adidas but I did not buy them because of the similarity. I bought them because they were only $12. 

In the second picture, I am wearing Rebecca Minkoff shoes. I fell in love with the color and they were only $15.

Lastly, in the third picture, I am wearing Sam Edelman’s shoes. I love that they have some detail so it adds personality. Those were $10. 


Pants: Forever 21

Bodysuit: Forever 21

Shoes: TJ Maxx

Earrings: Simply Southern Baubles


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