Swimwear Boutique Bathing Suits: My Wishlist

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Who does not love bathing suits? I do! That is why I bring to the blog the swimwear boutique bathing suits wishlist from different stores. I found so many different styles and colors there that I couldn’t wait to show you.

Wishlist – Swimwear:

This is one of my favorites!! I saw it because one of my friends has it. Isn’t she rocking it? Her name is Paola Rendon, she is also a blogger. The one she is wearing is from Victoria’s Secret.  If you want to know more about her go to her instagram page: @paolasees 

 Forever 21: $32.00                                      Zaful: $15.99                                                    Zaful: $17.49


                     Zaful: $12.49                                                    Zaful: $10.99                                               Zaful: $12.99




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